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Small business marketing online is one of the most effective ways to reach a broad range of potential customers. With the World Wide Web becoming so popular and readily available, more and more new businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of small business marketing online.

One of the major benefits of small business marketing online is the cost efficient way to communicate with customers. Email marketing used in small business marketing via the internet is generally cost effective, and if used effectively, can help promote and market your new business to may potential clients.

When using email in your small business marketing on the internet, there are some valuable tips to follow including:

  • Consider HTML versus plain text emails
  • Consider what incentives are offered to subscribe to your emails
  • Do not limit your email simply to trying to sell your product or service
  • Try to limit questions in your emails

First consider, when using small business marketing through the Internet, is response rates have been proven to be greater from HTML email newsletters, rather than plain text email newsletters. Graphics seem to make the email look more professional than a plain text email. The only disadvantage is that it takes an HTML email a little longer to load, and some internet service providers screen out HTML email.

The next to consider when you are using the Internet for your small business marketing is what incentives are you offering potential clients to sign up for your news letter. When using online small business marketing using email, you should consider offering your subscribers incentives to subscribe to and read your news letters, such as:

  • Free helpful tips
  • Free informative content
  • Early notification of discounted offers

Finally, when you are using email as a form of online small business marketing, do not simply try to sell your product or service. Many studies have suggested that customers are much more likely to read an email newsletter more carefully, when the newsletter offers useful information, and not simply tries to sell a product or service. The content of your email newsletter is vital to the success of online small business marketing.

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