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If you are just starting a new business, chances are you do not have the budget for expensive, elaborate marketing methods. Direct mail marketing can be less costly, and may be a perfect way to market your new product or service. Direct mailing can not only save you money, it can also offer you the ability to reach a larger group of targeted consumers. The following paragraphs will provide some valuable tips when you choose direct mail marketing to aid in marketing your new business.

First, when you decide to use direct mail marketing, you should have a set criteria in mind, and gather appropriate mailing lists. You want a mailing list that is compiled of potential consumers of your product or services. It is always a good practice to make sure the list is up to date. If it is over a year old, and many mailing lists are, much of the information on the list may be inaccurate. It is also a good practice to eliminate any duplicate names on the mailing list. You should never send the same letter to the same person more than once.

Next, when using direct mail marketing to promote your product or service, you should always mail the information to a specific person, and not simply to a general title. You should always obtain exact first and last names and the titles of the people on your mailing list.

Finally, when using direct mail marketing to promote a product or service, be sure to never use abbreviations. Many address lists are sold with abbreviations like "Co." for "Company", and "Corp." for "Corporation". There are many other abbreviations which are often including on mailing lists. Before sending any mail when using direct mail marketing, it is always best to clean up any truncations.

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